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Player Recruitment Information

About Eurocamp Hockey Group

With over 30 years of experience as a player, coach and now advisor, Randy has sent players to Europe for 25 years with great success. During the hockey season, he spends a large portion of the time watching players play and practice.

Services Provided

At Eurocamp, we're NOT just placing players. Randy assists players through every step, from travel preparations to watching players at practices and games in Europe throughout the year. Here are a few of the additional services we help with:

  • Pension Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Healthcare Insurance in a Foreign Country
  • Assistance with injuries/hospital charges
  • VISA Applications - Click Here for More Information

Player Recruitment Information


Please fill out registration form or email Randy Edmonds at your hockey resume from your last three seasons and any video you may have or team schedule.


Eurocamp Hockey and Randy Edmonds have contacts with several teams in Europe both at pro level and junior level in such leagues KHL, Mestis Finland , SHL Sweden and many leagues and teams in Sweden, Swiss A and Swiss B league , DEL Germany and Ebeliga Austria.

After a player evaluation is done Eurocamp Hockey will find a appropriate place to play for the season. No player is cut and will not be moved unless player has given approval.

*** Eurocamp Hockey has a 85% retention rate meaning 85% of all players return to play in Europe the following season.

Typical Week in Europe

  • Monday - Team Practice and off ice workout
  • Tuesday - Morning skate skills -Team Practice evening
  • Wednesday - Morning skate -Team Practice evening
  • Thursday - Off ice workout -Team Practice evening
  • Friday - Games
  • Saturday -Games
  • Sunday - Off

Living Conditions

Players live in apartments or billet families each team varies normal costs for living are 500-600 dollars per month paid monthly at the 1st of each month.

Visa Requirements

Players can live in europe for 3 months with no visa after that a tourist visa is required.

Cost is about 150 CDN dollars

Equipment Provided

Most teams provide gloves, pants and some sticks as teams are often sponsored by Reebok and Bauer; however, most players bring their own sticks to start.

Season Length

September 1 - March 15 (typically)

Xmas Break

Players often get a 10 day break often starting Dec 21 to Jan 2

Why Play in Europe as a junior

  • Players practice more than most junior teams in Canada
  • NCAA schools do come to Europe often
  • No tryout
  • No trade/cut
  • Free agent when you come home no releases required
  • Have opportunity to establish roots in europe for future
  • No need to travel all summer at junior tryouts
  • Improve skills- Europeans have far more skill based practices

IIHF Transfer Fee

Players must pay for transfer card to be moved from Canada/USA to Sweden

If you continue to play in Sweden this fee is paid only once. Cost is about 1500 CDN dollars a one time fee done while you're in Sweden as an example.


Varies for each team and level but costs include developmental fees, training fees and any team fees or any international agent fees.


Players normally can walk to the rink for practices and home games. Buses are provided for away games and all meals are provided while traveling.

Health Insurance

All players are fully covered by IIHF and Swedish Ice Hockey Federation while playing, practicing or traveling to any team functions.

Parents should buy their own insurance outside of hockey, for example, ManuLife Cover Me Insurance while in Europe.